White Mountain Symphony Orchestra

Concerto Concert

April 13, 2019

About Us


Our Mission


  1. To present quality musical programs for the entire region.
  2. To provide opportunities to talented musicians in the White Mountains to perform in an orchestral setting.
  3. To offer the families of Northern Arizona wholesome and enriching musical entertainment.



 The White Mountain Symphony Orchestra aspires  to excellence in performance of a wide variety of orchestral music from  all eras and a diversity of composers.  Our performance repertoire has  included full orchestral works, chamber music, concertos and  collaborative performances with choirs and dance troupes.  Among our  most important activities is the annual “Music Is…”  program introducing the 4th and 5th grade students of Navajo and Apache  counties to the world of orchestral music.  Each season we aspire to  offer new opportunities and experiences for enjoying and sharing  orchestral music with the White Mountains. For example, this year we  will be introducing the students to The Planets by Gustov Holst. 


Our History

 The White Mountain Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1979 as the Silver  Creek Symphony Orchestra and continues to grow and succeed.  The key to  this success is the commitment of our musicians to their individual  musicianship and to the orchestra.  In January 2000 the Silver Creek  Symphony became an independent 501 c3 nonprofit corporation named the  Silver Creek Regional Symphony.  On September 2, 2004, the members of  the orchestra voted to change the name to the White Mountain Symphony  Orchestra to more accurately reflect the area that the orchestra serves. 


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